Can we learn to live with the demons or ‘devils’ that affect us every day? Of course, it all depends on the attitude we take towards life. Whether it's a bad breakup, depression or even isolation, Evenson encourages us with his new single, Devil Inside, “to enter a temporary state of bliss while listening, and come out on the other side feeling lighter and more optimistic.” A very important mission materialised in the form of a track, which opens a new chapter of a musical story that began with vibrant, but thought-provoking singles like How Can I Sleep, Yellow Sky and SOS.
The way of working and understanding the music of emerging talent and viral sensation Evenson is not based on rigidity or exact calculation, far from it. “I am far more interested in exploring and learning with each new song,” says the 23-year-old Connecticut native, who is keen to change the face of mainstream pop music. Influences from The Weeknd, ABBA, and Beach House can be sensed on his newly released single Devil Inside, while also strongly establishing a unique and original sound that sets the tone for his debut EP, Sadly, I Still Love You, coming this fall.

Focused on following his path and making music his best ally, Evenson takes advantage of this universal language to send powerful messages that, besides making us enjoy, question how we are living and facing life. Because sharing experiences and thoughts is something positive that we can all learn from. His vision is optimistic and he always tries to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And he also wants us all to accompany him on this fascinating journey.