If you enjoyed Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, you’ll surely fall in love with Evalyn’s latest song, Nightmare, especially its music video, directed by Voodoo Visuals’ Mich Page. This new release, out today, is a prelude to her upcoming album Salvation (Deluxe), a fifth anniversary re-release of her debut album that includes new and reworked tracks, out on December 15.
Back to Nightmare, which starts with the verse “New York’s asleep tonight / It’s only you and I,” it already gives it away that the singer is deeply, even madly in love with someone. Is it even possible that the city famous for being the one that never sleeps is actually with its eyes closed? Quite impossible, but it speaks of the burning love story between the two main characters in Evalyn’s song. The two would do anything for each other, and they’ve gone above and beyond anything that can happen to them.

is an infectious pop bop; it stays in the listeners’ minds long after it finished. Characterised by atmospheric synths and sensuous sounds, it draws Evalyn’s audience into a fantasy world that is twisted yet captivating. The singer-songwriter’s vocals build upon those, and you can’t escape them.
Speaking of the music video, Evalyn says it’s about “giving it all for love even in the most dire circumstances.” Bridging high and low, luxury and crime, we see two lovers enjoying a job well done: stealing jewels and cash. They’re in a hotel room playing with their new treasure, drinking champagne, and living their best fantasy. Until… Watch it now to find out!