Fast Company is inaugurating their first annual European Innovation Festival, a three-day event powered by Gucci that will take place from July 9 to11 in Milan and Florence. The festival, titled The Dawn of Super Intelligence, covers the intersection of design, creativity and leadership with technology and innovation, the engines of modern business and society. 
Ranging from film directors to scientists and chefs, the festival brings together a very appealing group of people to talk about the matter, all coming from different fields with different points of view, but sharing the same concern and motivation: the collaboration between man and machine in a new era of technological advancement and artificial intelligence. This is the first time this topic is being discussed in this type of platform – and it was about time!

We’re living in a very interesting yet intimidating moment in which we see ourselves increasingly dependent on technology, so it’s important to see where we stand and how we can do things better taking the future into account. In order to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by combining the precision and analysis of computers with human sensitivity, the festival brings together some very renowned names such as Yuval Noah Harari, Darren Aronofsky, Jared Leto, Jessica Brillhart and Massimo Bottura, among others.

It also doesn't come as a surprise that this event is powered by Gucci, an iconic firm that combines digital knowledge and creative innovation, as we’ve seen in the past — ask Jared Leto’s second head. The program includes talks and panels of experts on various issues such as: 'What will happen when technology hacks humanity?', 'Identity in a world of avatars’ or 'How technology can change and enhance the meaning of community’.

The section of the festival taking place in Milan will also have a unique interactive exhibition titled Sensorium, curated by H-Farm, an innovation platform in which entrepreneurship and education converge through unique digital approaches that support the creation of new business models. Sensorium is a self-guided experience through which a selection of emerging companies and artistic installations implement state-of-the-art technologies that allow festival attendees to employ six 'super-senses' in order to stimulate their emotions creatively.

Emerging companies, artists collectives and technologies have been carefully selected based on their unique solutions, their humanist philosophy and their innovative approach to product design. The exhibition will present solutions such as Arctop, a software platform that applies specialized artificial intelligence to electrical measurements of brain activity to infer the feelings, reactions and intentions of people; Weart, a robotics laboratory that develops wearable and portable devices designed to digitize the sense of touch and capable of recording and reproducing forces, vibrations and temperature changes; Olo, a creative farm that uses technology to generate visual communication; panGenerator, a new collective of art and media design that combines the ephemeral digital realm with the physical world; and Razer, a leading lifestyle brand for gamers. By bringing together these visionaries from the world of business, design and culture, the dialogue about the paradigms that lie ahead couldn’t be more interesting.
The European Innovation Festival will take place from July 9 to 11 between Milan and Florence (Italy). For more information, check the event’s website.