Last Wednesday May 21 Études Studio opened a Pop Up Store in Lower Manhattan. An installation where there personal style is filled up with a variety of disciplines; books, objects, clothes and furniture dance all with the same melody, for which they counted with the collaboration of New York designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams. We got the chance to chat with its Creative Director Jeremy Egry about his project and there cobalt blue universe.
This is the second time that the multidisciplinary studio gets involved in the pop up store experience. First, last year in Paris, and this Spring in NYC where they have their head office. The store will be open until next June 21 in Soho, an area where culture and art are in continuous transformation. One could say it’s all about a collision of cultures that perfectly represents the overall spirit of Études Studio based on both sides of the Atlantic.
Issues such as globalization are present in their last clothing collection where the Spanish artist Manuel Fernandez contributes with his artwork to inspire various prints for the fashion label. Starting from a purely digital graphic work it was transformed into an organic experience reminiscent of traditional African prints "it's like in a phone booth, were technology and humanity go hand-in-hand in order to communicate in an extreme mixture of cultures”.
One of the main objectives of this initiative is the direct contact with the public, something that also helps discover new aspects about how the public reacts to their creations. An interesting point is how the female audience is feeling more and more excited about their collections. “We have no intention of working a unisex design, it’s a men collection, but is open to be interpreted and interchanged" says Jeremy.
On our side we say YES to a business which born only two years ago, has evolved with an honest and original speech, crossing boundaries of gender, culture or nationality. Their recent nomination as finalists for the 2014 ANDAM Fashion Award Grand Prize is definitely not a surprise.
Études Studio Pop Up Store located in 254 Broome St NYC.