Error NYC makes fashion an inclusive space that empowers the disenfranchised and socially outcast by creating an ecosystem where absolute respect and the celebration of differences become essential. A philosophy that, far from being limited to words, they have implemented since their adventure as a brand began. Having worked with typically non-fashion related companies like AMC or South by Southwest 2019, they strike a plausible balance between functionality and design – something difficult to achieve since most of the projects tend to favour one of these two aspects. The brand led by designer Pul Sheen now presents its fifth collection, Peek Fall/Winter 2021.
Does fashion have the ability to build bridges between people and create communities? Of course it does. Being a reflection of today's society, this artistic discipline – which has also become one of the most important industries – provides us with a language that sometimes has much more strength than words. And Error NYC is fully aware of the power that the messages sent through fashion have. Just pay attention to their slogan: “We are making culture.” They have always put this into practice by trying to support all those who are considered an ‘error’ in society’s small-minded standards. They have always spread their stories and favoured the creation of synergistic networks between different agents involved.

Their new collection, Peek, is an allegory of functionality they’ve got after developing their own sartorial platform for standing assertively against design normalcy. A proposal that claims that the practicality of the garments and the possibility of wearing them on a day-to-day basis is not at odds with the most exquisite design. “Each piece has the unique functionality that people can wear on both sides or in various ways, spawning intense self-expression through unorthodox cuts and material pairings,” they say about their fifth collection.

Special mention should be made to their fantastic Vintage Accordion Coated Coat, on which two of the pillars from their creative universe are built, vintagewear paired with military and techwear, are perfectly embodied. Or what in my opinion is one of the pieces that best encapsulates the spirit of the collection, the 3-way Anorak Jacket. A garment that offers us endless options and uses, including a zip-off detachable bottom piecing with zipper pocket, a concealed hood collar or a snap and velcro closure for the hoodie. And we assure you that the prices of all their pieces are undoubtedly fair, allowing us to create an intelligent capsule wardrobe to feel empowered. You can find all their clothes on their website.
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