Ten years of self-portraits later, Rita Lino still explores the multiple stages of re-creation of the self. The research on her own body and on the social constructions attached to any means of showing –and not showing– the most natural of our layers are the reason for the boldness of her work. Nakedness is constant, and self-expression as a way for liberation puts those images together. We interviewed Rita a while ago, and we ended up so eager to get to see her upcoming book that we couldn't keep it for ourselves: her ongoing photographic work has been put together in “Entartete”, and it has already been released.
The rawness of Rita's imagery is quite likely to make some feel uncomfortable. An intimate series of photographic honesty about the uncommon beauty of one's body is something that not all may consider easy to see. That is precisely what led her to develop her project, not just as a fun and liberating series, but as a deep social critique. Minimalism and pureness may be visually pleasant, but a trap for human nature. Entartete is sure to make you feel intrigued by the humanity we all share. Our deepest, instinctive and also mundane –but hidden– sides will emerge out of any façades, which requires the utmost acceptation of those sides. Almost like a therapy.
Entartete is published by Editions du LIC. You can order it here.