Enny's latest album, Under Twenty Five, tackles a wide array of topics including personal growth, sociopolitical unrest and what it means to express yourself artistically with honesty. She has put together an EP that captures what it means to be her and share this life with those closest to her. From sold-out shows to prestigious awards Enny has been making a permanent mark within the industry and will continue to thrive, not only through music but also through her fans.
Congratulations on the release of Under Twenty Five and the music videos to your singles. Could you explain a bit about the creative process and concepts behind the EP?
The EP was birthed in a place of growth and change. It brought me on the journey of growing in my artistry and meeting some amazing important people who took it to a level I never would have imagined.
The album as a whole tackles a wide range of themes and varies tonally across each track. What was the songwriting experience like for this and were there ever times and or moments of hesitation throughout this process?
The songwriting was just moments; a lot of the lyrics were things I had written at different points in my life which plays to the concept of the process it documents different mind states and thoughts.
Could you explain a bit about what led you to an artistic and musical career? Are there moments and or times throughout your life that stand out as significant in this regard?
As a teen, I always had friends telling me that I should rap because I was good at it. And the more I did it the more I fell in love with it. I even had teachers telling me they saw potential and that helped.
What aspects of your previous work helped shape the outcome of Under Twenty Five? and was there anything that you wanted to include in this set that didn’t make the final cut?
The album was the work some of those songs were the first ones that I ever put together. Everything that made the project was meant to.
As stated on your Instagram you said that you are not an activist (or at least don’t view yourself as one). Why is that? You are very vocal on such tough subjects like sexual assault and variations of harassment in that regard.
To be an activist you really have to fight for these causes and I’m writing from a place of observation; things I see, things that upset me and that I don’t understand.
Socio-politically charged topics such as assault, racism or misogyny, unfortunately, aren’t addressed as much as they should be, yet you clearly felt it necessary to speak out now. Is this a reflection of our current times or possibly something bigger?
The reality is that these issues are not new or unheard of, it's embedded into society. I think the difference is that people are slowly no longer afraid to speak up.
What was the experience like when creating the music video for Keisha’s & Brenda’s, for example? How much input and or direction did you have when producing this piece?
Creating the visual for Keisha’s & Brenda’s was beautiful. KC Locke and his team were such a pleasure to work with and they truly believed in the concept of the song. I had the idea for the video abs, KC developed it into this beautiful cinematic video.
Is there a specific track that you feel most connected with on Under Twenty Five? If so, could you explain why that piece makes you feel that way?
The track Under 25 because I remember who I was when I wrote it, where I was and what I was trying to accomplish. So, to compare it to where I am, when the song finally was released, was beyond poetic.
I also wanted to congratulate you on being picked to be a part of Foundry 2021. Can you tell us a bit about the experience and what it feels like to be a part of Foundry 2021’s chosen independent artist highlight?
It feels amazing to receive such support from YouTube, as they are championing independent artists. Seeing your face on billboards in different countries is mind-blowing.
Do you find that you have a routine that helps you stay motivated and creatively aligned? If so, does having such a routine help maintain a balance between work, friends and your family?
I think I’m still learning how to balance it and how to do all these things. I'm in such a new space and want to continue to grow and develop as an artist but not lose myself trying to do that.
What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future? And are there any planned upcoming events or shows that you would like to give a shoutout?
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