Since releasing d his debut album Lazarus in 2015, writer and producer Justin Allen has not stopped shaping his musical project Endless Forms. Diving progressively further into the fractal, sonically evolving with each release into a dreamy marriage of deep atmosphere, layered rhythms, and earnest lyrics, he’s now releasing his new single A Door That Disappears via DRRT Records. This is the second track taken from his pending album The House of Love, the most intimate and personal album Allen has ever released and with which he continues to raise interesting questions and issues related to philosophy and the meaning of life.
He is not interested in musical trends and prefers to make music a vehicle for transmitting valuable messages. This is demonstrated with his new release, A Door That Disappears, which started as a production demo he created for another artist that wanted something similar to All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA which they did not end up using. “I loved it so much that I repurposed it into this melancholy, bongo-heavy piano song. It changed a lot since that first demo. It's a song about what it means to be at the threshold of big and important choices in life and to deeply wish you already had hindsight. But life is always already happening, and we're making choices whether we want to or not, even if the choice is to not make one at all, which is always the worst choice.”

Thinking about Sartre's play No Exit while writing this new song and reflecting on the concept of time, the meaning of life and the effect of decision-making, Allen shows us that in a fast-moving world and a music scene dominated by booms and immediate phenomena, we need projects that encourage us to reconnect with ourselves, to know what we want and to question everything we take for granted. In short, music with meaning.