Forget the fashion dichotomy. The latest collaboration between LA-based brand Empath  and artist Gabrielle Rosenstein unveils the SS24 collection Akoya, redefining the concept of femininity—a release that has caught the attention of celebrities like Charli XCX and Bretman Rock.
Akoya, the spring/summer 2024 collection, isn't your average girly-girl line. Rosenstein, a 2D and 3D artist who champions the "sci-femme" aesthetic, brings her unique blend of playful vision and unwavering strength to the table with Empath, the other half of this creative duo, a brand founded by Japanese-Singaporean designer Emily Arakawa. Arakawa injects a dose of West Coast cool with her signature 90s-inspired minimalism fused with a touch of Japanese flair. Drawing inspiration from her Tokyo roots, she creates a capsule wardrobe for the modern city girl. Think everyday essentials, but with a hint of rebellion.
Rosenstein and Arakawa's shared love for character creation comes alive with Akoya, the pearl-siren who serves as the collection's muse. Her presence is woven into every piece—prints, textures, and silhouettes—all of which whisper tales of Akoya's world. Imagine the iridescence of seashells, the graceful sway of underwater flora, and the gentle flow of currents translated into clothing. Each garment subtly echoes Akoya's underwater realm, embodying its essence through intricate prints and fluid silhouettes.
The collection will be available online and in select stockists, including Domicile Tokyo, APOC, Cafe Forgot, Ap0cene, and Mineral Osaka.