You’ve probably been part of conversations about the importance of mental health lately, an issue that is finally beginning to become visible, in which all of us has something to say and share. But the debate on this very important matter transcends dialogues and is also transferred to other artistic disciplines, such as music. A good illustration of this is singer, songwriter and producer Elohim, who since releasing her debut single in 2015 has not stopped using writing as therapy. She now releases Little Idiot, a single that reminds us that we are not alone on our personal growth path.
“Life is too short to not look inside and see how you can be better,” says the artist about her new song, which she wrote about a friendship break and which she recognises now applies to many other situations in her life. “I hope you find comfort truth enlightenment whatever it is you need right now or just your new favourite song to belt out when you’re feeling shit about yourself,” she adds. And it is that the singer, who has not hesitated to speak openly about the severe anxiety disorder, panic and dissociation that she suffered for a long time, is the author of the four-part project Journey to the Center of Myself, whose second volume will be released soon.

With more than a million and a half monthly listeners on Spotify, the artist claims the need to connect with the audience, who have always been referred to as people just like her, with the same problems, illusions and fears. An emotional empathy that has positioned her at the top of the charts, and more importantly, has led her to build a community of unconditional fans who constantly support her and see themselves reflected in her lyrics and in her way of understanding music. A restorative vision that addresses delicate and complicated issues intrinsic to the human being, which ends up turning them into master lessons in terms of self-knowledge and personal growth.