It is not easy to forget the person you have loved. Countless shared moments, lived experiences that come to mind all the time, being impossible to run away from them. That emotion is precisely what inspires Los Angeles-native ellie d.'s new single, Get in the way. “You're trying to move on but your ex is still in your head, no matter who you hit it off with,” the singer says of the post-breakup stage when you try to go out and get back in the game or numb your feelings.
With her chill pop collaboration with Rando of Passionfruit by Drake, the singer made her release a viral hit. Now, having proven to make music a sincere and honest way of communicating, she unveils her new single, Get in the way, with which she immerses us in a reflective, sometimes moody sound atmosphere. She is not afraid to be vulnerable in her tracks, and that is what makes ellie d. capable of empathising and connecting with her audience.

“Right after the breakup, I was in NY and I went out with some friends. A really cute boy was hitting on me, yet I was so zoned out. I just kept seeing my ex’s face and couldn’t focus on anyone else. So we wrote Get in the way a few days late,” replies the artist when we ask her how and when she decided to create this new single, which she now unveils by focusing on an emotion that we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Time and connection with oneself are good antidotes to these memories that are difficult to forget, and that allows us to open a new stage in our lives without losing faith in love.