Ella McCready, with music running through her veins, welcomes every possibility with open arms if that is the price of doing what she really wants. Exposing a part of yourself to the world that will either be admired or crushed is a risk that McCready is willing to take with the release of her debut EP, – which just came out – Breathe, co-written by her and Jacob Stoney, who are based in the United Kingdom, and co-produced by Stoney and Jeremy Rompala, who is from Los Angeles. These three artists come together to create a musical experience that combines delicate and strong feelings.
In the song What it’s worth, McCready talks about the vulnerability needed to show her music to the world and being open to other people’s opinions about something she has created. She definitely offers us her soul and her heart in each verse and gives us the chance to care for what we are listening to. In the main song of the EP, the songwriter also invites us to Breathe and “try to be” while missing the pause and stopping to think, to love and enjoy the in-between; these are key pieces for every good soul/pop artist.

The London-based singer is so close to the listener that she wants us to answer some questions she raises in Unsaid, a single that goes through uncomfortable but necessary questions about (self-)love. The artist also unravels her most personal experiences and allows us to delve into her best and worst moments with her song I Choose You, 4 minutes of pure courage and empowerment resulting from a difficult break-up after which she chooses to love and not to hate, but, above all, to stay with herself. Ella McCready is an uplifting artist who gives us her sweet and strong voice hand in hand with a piece of her soul in everything she does.