Who said gold and silver can't go together? Elizabeth Hooper is here to present their newest Brutalist collection and to show that both colours go fashionably well together, especially in her minimalistic yet particular designs. The brand's jewellery plays with different shapes, forms and colours to create distinctive and exquisite pieces, and today we're here to talk about her brand but more specifically her latest collection.
It is quite clear that she is inspired by imperfection; the use of metal gives a touch of plasticity, and the unusual shapes in different and dramatic sizes gives off a unique kind of quality. Moreover, the ‘unfinished’ quality which exposes the process behind the creation of the pieces of jewellery is intriguing and fascinating. There is a certain elegance to pieces that look one-off, like that they are so visceral and unique that they could not be replicated. This is the touch that Elizabeth Hooper brings to her structural and experimental-looking designs.
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