Her music transcends melodies becoming stories, and her debut album, Disco Lasers, a collection of ten audio-visual stories celebrating the wonders of our universe, is a statement of intent. London-based singer-songwriter Ebony Buckle now unveils an interesting work in which folklore legends coexist with science and imagination. A release loaded with symbolism that immerses us in a magical atmosphere. We could say that her work takes the form of a hypnotising musical kaleidoscope.
From Wonder to the title of the album Disco Lasers – along with an almost mystical music video directed by Luke Taylor and Finn Buckle – the new album from the Townsville-born artist is the embodiment of a dream. Having built a community of poetry and music lovers around her work over the last year, Ebony Buckle combines elements from such diverse musical genres among which we find pop, folk or classical reminiscences in a personal vision of art defined by creative freedom.

The connection of human beings with nature or the magical beauty of the universe are some of the issues that she addresses in her new release. And she transports us to places where we have never been before, managing to surprise the audience. A response to the prevailing musical paradigm marked by trends and meteoric rises. The artist travels to other dimensions where everything is possible. Ecosystems are exempt from rules and everyone is free and capable of doing what they want, always surrounded by stimulating energy that helps us achieve our goals.