Since releasing their very first EP, Bangups and Hangups, and consequent debut LP, Distress Signals in 2019, Earthquake Lights has shaped a sound based on exploring further territories as they blend alt-rock with orchestral elements. A musical journey that the five-piece rock outfit from NYC now continues with the dropping of their new album Desert Bloom. The nine-track release takes its name from the rare and momentary growth and flourishing of plant life in the desert and shows that this adventure has not yet come to an end, far from it.
From Empty Sky to Off and Away, going through The Flood or The Dregs until reaching the title track and fan favourite Desert Bloom, which has garnered over 1.7 million streams alone. Their new release has let them get to know themselves better and explore new territories while always remaining true to their essence. “It is very much a record of deadlines and pushing our creative process forward. It was tough but really important and healthy for us because we found out a bit about ourselves and how we create,” shares lead singer Myles Rodenhouse.

Representing the timeline and vibe of the band's creative process for the record, their new album Desert Bloom is one more step in the musical career of the artists, who all met during their time at college and quickly saw success with their very first EP, Bangups and Hangups, earning placements in a national NBA/Tissot ad campaign and an Alex Gibney documentary. Thanking their fans for the support they’ve shown over the past few years, this new album consolidates their presence on the music scene and strengthens their DNA.