Dries Van Noten is about to launch two books celebrating the achievement of creating and producing a hundred collections on October 1. The two volumes embrace the essence of the fashion shows and the designer’s spirit and vision about fashion. Every show is documented with never-before-seen illustrations and images as well as texts and photographs that allow us to get into the designer’s mind: from the concept to the actual realisation.
Published by Lannoo Publishers and available worldwide at the end of this week, the pair of books by Dries Van Noten recount comprehensively his hundred collections, reached last March. The first volume will cover from the first show to the fiftieth, and the second one from the fifty-first to the latest, and you can buy them separately or together. The final result is a journey through two thousand pictures and texts that depict every collection to all the designer’s process to achieve his success season after season: from the inspiration and the research of references to the invitations and scenography, to the choice of the location and backstage.

“It is exciting having all the shows in this special object, being able to remember, read and understand the context and inspiration of a show through texts and pictures, not only about the show itself but also on everything surrounding it” states the Belgian designer. Although he already published a book celebrating its fiftieth collection, it seems like with this project he wants to look ahead and focus on the future. “Celebrating without nostalgia and with little artifice”, he adds.

The book will expose his capacity and judgement to choose the fabrics, the prints – he is a master of the genre –, embroideries and colours that convey in a very delineated aesthetic. Susannah Frankel and Tim Blanks, the journalists chosen to write Van Noten’s history for women and men, respectively, will walk with you throughout the magic, sublime and exquisite world that the designer has created.
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