Disappearing Dining Club hosts an array of edible experiences; from conceptual culinary instillations held in insider’s only rooftops to feasts in light houses and gourmet delights in launderettes. Their vocabulary is one which resolutely speaks of allure and riffs of mystery right through the night and into the early hours. Their dinner parties combine contemporary and worldly flavours whilst celebrating the traditional mix of good company and good food.
Across all your ventures what's your trademark?
Bringing like minded people together to enjoy great food and drink in unusual, private and reclaimed spaces.
On the first Saturday of the month you hold a Dinner Dance – what can guests expect from this?
Dinner and dancing from 7pm till as late as we are allowed.
As well as a pop-in pop-out evening do’s, you hold weekend long supper clubs in Devon – what goes on here?
It’s a weekend long supper club for groups of friends in the home of Jonny Jefferey, a trained chef who quit the kitchen to work front of house for Mark Hix, Brindisa, Harvey Nicholls & The Groucho Club. A weekend with Jonny is a real treat; great food, drink and hospitality in his beautiful home.
At events like this you're bound to get an interesting crowd - Who's your favourite guest so far?
Mmmmmmm…. I don’t know if I have a favourite guest... but I love it when I see people return to maybe their fourth or fifth Dinner Dance, or see someone who we know has been to a number of our different parties. It feels like we have fans!
You guys offer the chance to have “Dinner at yours”, which is a chance to take away the DDC experience - what kind of dishes do you serve up?
All of our food is cooked for the season. We call up our suppliers, find out what’s good, and write our menus around the best produce we can find and afford.
Recently you’ve gone up north and rooted the DDC charm amongst the Manchester crowd – how do they differ to the London set?
The support we had in Manchester was amazing. We fed 300 people over three nights, without any advertising of marketing, just letting the word of mouth get around. Our guests in Manchester were sharing food with people they don’t know straight away… in London we still have to train our guests how to share!
We've heard a whispering that you’re creating an album to go alongside your events – can you tell us a little bit more?
We were approached by Chris Coco (DJ / Music Producer) about doing a compilation CD and I loved the idea. Music is as much a part of DDC as the food, drink and spaces we use and it seemed a great way of celebrating that.
How did you pick the tracks?
There is an imaginary journey that runs through the CD, starting with the excitement of arriving somewhere you don’t know, eating some canapés, enjoying dinner with friends, and then finding yourself dancing on a table after a few too many cocktails. We picked tracks that help you along that journey.
Where can we expect you guys to be disappearing/appearing next?
Look out for our summer picnic and BBQ (dates announced soon), and until then, you can see us at Back in 5 Minutes, our restaurant on Brick Lane which is open Wed to Sat every week.