The festive takeover has opened its doors to all visitors and shoppers, inviting them to explore the magical crossover between the French fashion house Dior and the London-based department store Harrods. The Fabulous World of Dior starts from the outside of the store, adorning its classic walls with illuminating displays and continues all the way inside the store with several installations, from a unique pop-up café to the ultimate holiday gifting guide filled with all things Dior.
In honour of the founding couturier’s love of flowers, the façades of the Brompton Road store are decorated with spectacular lights in the form of the compass rose surrounded by glowing stars. Accompanying the larger-then-life lights are the gingerbread decorated window displays which showcase staple Dior looks from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Cruise 2023 collection as well as artist and collaborator Pietro Ruffo’s drawings, encompassing the codes of fashion the luxury house has carved out in its creative universe.

Continuing inside the store is a multitude of pop-ups, including two separate boutiques decorated with gingerbread creations, such as a rendition of Monsieur Dior’s 30 Montaigne atelier. The first boutique features an array of Dior’s iconic looks, such as the Lady Dior look as well as leather goods and accessories. Also available for viewing is a unique collaborative capsule collection by the Men’s artistic director Kim Jones, visiting his emblematic silhouettes through suits and their matching bows and ties in the classic Harrods green, as well as knitwear pieces and shoes. The second boutique serves as a Christmas shopper’s heaven, offering customers a range of ready-to-wear products, shoes, accessories and homeware pieces for purchase.

In true British hospitality, the takeover wouldn’t be complete without a beverage and refreshments, which are available at the exclusive Café Dior. Set in a gingerbread fever dream, the café offers a slew of French cuisine classics merged with a British sway, enlisting top Harrods’ chefs to create lobster and crab dishes as well as deserts ranging from pastries to tartes and cakes. As gingerbread sculptures can be found throughout the installations, the café wouldn’t be complete without its own edible gingerbread biscuits, of course in the shape of classic Dior emblems from the Saddle bag to the J’adore perfume.

From the littlest details to quite literally the most grandiose installation, the Dior x Harrods takeover is filled with holiday spirit, honouring Monsieur Dior’s love of Winter festivities. Through the showings of the couturier’s pieces and codes he set out for his house, to modern ready-to-wear pieces, French heritage blends itself with British elegance for a unique, atmospheric shopping experience which runs until January 3rd 2023.
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