After inviting us to enter the Ghanaian painter Amoako Boafo’s studio, with whom Kim Jones has collaborated on his Dior Men’s Spring/ Summer 2021 collection – unveiled through an intimate video in which honesty overcomes eccentricity – Dior is now presenting the campaign that follows their proposal. Photographed by Rafael Pavarotti, the images constitute a new chapter in the relationship of mutual admiration between both creatives, united by Africa and by an incessant search for plurality and real diversity. Painting and fashion embrace each other to fight hate and claim identity.
Transferring Amoako Boafo's paintings to fabrics is not an easy task because the artist based in Vienna creates his figures with his fingers, printing his emotions and life experiences on large-format paintings. Kim Jones and his team have managed to keep the essence of his artwork intact in their garments, preserving the intense colours and textures. And this campaign does no more than reinforce the purity and truth the creator paints. There is little to add when talking about yourself and those around you.

Defined by Kim Jones as “A celebration of Amoako Boafo's work,” the photographs present the models sorrounded by colour block backgrounds and natural flowers, including blue, yellow green and pink that contrast with the natural motifs and the portraits embedded in jerseys and shirts, taken directly from the paintings. Colorful looks that are complemented by the Dior Atlas sandals and the Maxi Saddle bag, showing that unity is strength. Balanced and inspiring compositions reminiscent of the paintings that caught the attention of Dior Men’s Artistic Director in Miami in 2019, where he met Amoako.
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