Inspired by the desert, the ochre tones from the sand, the landscape, the sky, the way the sun hits the pyramids in Giza (Egypt)... These are some of the inspirations behind Dior Men's latest Fall 2023 show, not to be confused with their Summer 2022 show which was inspired by a different take on the desert, and a different desert altogether: the West. Which is why this collection features a different palette and vibe, through the help of Denim Tears and Supreme's Creative Director Tremaine Emory, who has co-designed the collection with Kim Jones.
Dior Fall 23 Finale © Alessandro Garofalo 2.jpg
Set in the city of Giza, the show was very successful at not only showcasing the essence of the Egyptian desert and the country's history, it did so through a futuristic lens. The ochres and greys beautifully show the transition from morning to night, from a fiery sunset seen in the use of a bright yellow, to an actual galaxy print which represent the exquisite display of stars that can be seen at night in the desert. This ‘heritage’ which represents this part of the world meets the future of fashion through the feminine touch which is brought to masculine tailoring, couture finishings brought to outerwear garments and Dior's archival embroideries which are transformed into futuristic armory.
All of this is presented which such ease, this modern pattern cutting seems futuristic yet traditional at the same time. The crin-like wool demi kilts (which are informed by the bias pleated skirt of a Dior dress which came out in the '50s) and technical jacquard transparencies bring in a utilitarian influence to the collection; comfort and practicality are heavily prioritised. This is another factor that makes this collection so innovative, refreshing and still extremely wearable. Because we can't deny the fact that comfort is basically the ultimate luxury.
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