As spooky season leaves us behind, many people start to think of festivity season. And that translates into a lot of meals: dinners, soirées, brunches… For those seeking the ultimately luxurious tableware, Dior Maison has got you covered. In addition to their usual collections, the French House has just presented the Perles collection, a new limited set of plates and dishes in collaboration with artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. Take a look!
For some of us, watching The Beauty and the Beast’s scene where everyone gets together to offer Belle the most lavish, delicious feast of her life was pure magic. All the tableware and cutlery sings and dances to the rhythm of Be My Guest, and it made us more jealous of the impressive, lustrous objects than the food itself. Well, the plates in the Perles collection may not sing and dance but are just as beautiful and artistic, and will for sure entertain guests. 
Artist Jean-Michel Othoniel has made pearls the leitmotiv of his oeuvre. Through large-scale sculptures, the French artist created shapes that are impressive, especially when experienced live. Now, he teams up with Dior Maison on a new capsule collection characterised by a series of motifs that represent a multitude of pearls intertwining to form the delicate curves of an airy rose. These motifs decorate a set of essential pieces that include a presentation dish subtly embellished with a 24-carat gold border, as well as dinner, dessert, and bread plates.
Gold is synonym with Dior. To celebrate Francis Kurkdjian’s new perfume, L’Or de J’adore, the French Maison has also released the Perles collection, where gold takes centre stage. It’s time to celebrate!
Dior Maison 4.jpg