We all hesitate before buying some accessories like glasses or hats: will they fit? Will I look good? Are they my size? But now, there’s something we can do about it. At least in a virtual way, because Dior has launched its new filter on Instagram. After launching earlier this year the Kaleidoscope filter, which was inspired by the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, they are back to make our stories more fashionable than ever. 
In collaboration with prestigious studio The Mill, the French maison has created Check’N’Dior, an immersive experience that allows its followers to virtually try nothing less than the beauty-look and the accessories of the Fall/Winter 2019 runway. Originally popularized by Snapchat and later by Instagram, the success of facial recognition filters is growing every day. Depending on your mood, with just one click you can transform yourself into a dog, an angel or a meme.

With Check’N’Dior, you will be able to look elegant and chic with their bob hat in three different colours: black and white, red and black or green and black – all in checkered print. Reversible and decorated with a veil, it was inspired by the Teddy Girls, the 1950s rebel women. And if you want to share a more ‘rock and roll’ and glamorous side of you, you can swipe the filter and try three models of the CatStyleDior sunglasses. The background is as luxurious and exclusive as the accessories. Your stylish selfie will be adorned with a checkered pattern in the same tones. I know you’re willing to try it out, and that’s why we’ll make things easier. Just by clicking here (from a phone device only), you’ll instantly get the filter and feel like a Dior ambassador.