Since its invention in the 17th century in Nîmes, France, denim has grown more and more popular. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that the timeless fabric abandoned the workplace and hit the streets as the youth’s preferred leisure wear. Now, Kim Jones takes it one step further and elevates it to French luxury standards in the new Dior Denim capsule collection.
From David Bowie to Lana del Rey, many artists have dedicated songs to denim and the material’s most famous piece, blue jeans. For Dior Men, Artistic Director Kim Jones also makes an ode to the versatile and functional material in the form of a capsule collection comprised of pants, shirts, and caps crafted from organic cotton. These wardrobe staples come in a wide range of shades, from indigo to grey to black, and are perfect for any look –from your usual day-to-day to the more formal, elegant attire–.
Naturally, the Dior Denim capsule presents subtle details that make the pieces true objects of desire. Echoing the heritage of the founding couturier, the garments play with the Maison’s emblems like the Dior signature embossed on a leather patch affixed to the back pocket of some pieces, while the Dior Oblique pattern is outlined in some linings, as well as on the B33 sneakers that complete the line's silhouettes.
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