Following their Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri takes a look back at the Maison’s heritage as she revisits the 1951 iconic New Look era as a way to reconnect with the roots of fashion. Presented at the Temple of Zeus in Nemea, the director of the film Fabien Baron pays homage to Greece’s mythological beauty. This is the House's way of calling back to the origins of their style but also of humanity itself, in masterfully elegant fashion.
Dior’s Creative Director seeks for speed throughout the structure of her garments, as movement is seen as the greatest representation of freedom. Collaborating with a handful of Greek designers and creatives, the collection itself is a presentation letter of the human essence. We see Euterpe dressed in a deconstructed version of what could be a Madame Grès garment, muses and parishioners hold hands as the ritual unveils a celebration for ‘eternal beauty’ and poetic imagery. Not only did we find a nod to Grès, but also to Dior’s historic muses such as Marlene Dietrich, Mitzah Bricard and Ava Gardner.

Jacquard, draping, harnesses and sport-themed shoes meet as a homage to the Olympian spirit and body worship. Being her first sportswear-inspired collection, Chiuri uses bulky sneakers and marine sweaters that portray the youth’s desire for non-stop comfort. Moreover, the palette remains calm as it conveys beige and muted pinks with nearly zero print, except a couple of the staple CD motive and classical paintings found here and there. Yet the classics are still there, as the Lady Dior, Dior Bobby and Dior Vibe bags are part of the collection as well.
Dior Cruis E22 Campaign 6.jpg
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