Nicola Formichetti recently launched Diesel Reboot, his first project as art director for Diesel inspired by the media’s tremendous influence on trends and the importance for the promotion of upcoming artists. Diesel Reboot is a platform promoting emerging artists from all over the world, inter alia Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. The artists selected all work with classical concepts and redefine and recreate it into something new and contemporary, which is also the spirit behind Diesel Reboot, Nicola Formichetti underlines in his press release.
Diesel Reboot is about integrating consumers and creating a user driven or user inspired new and fresh image to Diesel. One way in which Diesel’s costumers can contribute and add their own touch is by the social media sharing image site tumblr. Additionally users can use the #dieselreboot hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Vine and in this way add new ideas, inspiration and values to Diesel.
It is an interesting project to follow and an innovative step Nicola Formichetti has made for Diesel to rebrand and add a fresh touch the label, all perfectly in line with the time where social media gets increasingly dominance.