Intermingling music and storytelling, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Dezelle now presents her heartwarming new release, Dreams We Forgot (Won’t Look Down). A project co-written and produced by Adam Orfale – who has the artist project Feverkin – in which the painter France Courpotin has also collaborated, adding her creative talent. The track includes excerpts from a poem that the artist wrote a couple of years ago to remind herself of the importance of staying focused and connected in a noisy world and includes a montage with audios of her loved ones.
“I... love... you...” says her niece at the beginning of the song. There is also a part where a friend reads something they wrote, and we can even hear her grandfather laugh. A miscellany of sounds and statements that infer truth and honesty to a single where meaning and signifier are at the same level. Something not so common in a musical moment in which many artists turn their attention to creating catchy hits, while lyrics and messages are frequently relegated to the background.

Dezelle, who writes music in a variety of genres, including pop, electronic, R&B, and indie-folk, makes honest storytelling her main strength. “It’s about the duality of perspective in any given moment and choosing repeatedly to shift to a lens of service and gratitude, and not get lost in the noise,” she comments on the spoken part we find in this new release. Having released five EPs to date under the name Karen Dezelle, there is no doubt that she is ready to welcome 2022. “There are days I hear music in everything. And those are the days I live for,” she adds.
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