There is no place for minimalism, boredom or indifference in the creative universe of Devin Moses, better known on the art scene as Devmo. The Santa Monica artist champions authenticity and materialises it in an extremely personal musical style with which she claims self-love and makes differences great strengths. After the success of her singles Feel Good Feel Okay or Running Home, the singer, who has opened locally and internationally for artists like Angel Haze or Caskey, is now releasing her new music video, $u$hi.
“My friend Kali choreographed and planned the whole video, while my friends Mallory and Adrienne booked a location and filmed,” explains the energetic artist about her new music video, the result of a collaborative effort built on mutual support in which her friends Ryan and Preston were two of the backup dancers along with Kali's friends, Maurina and Jutana. “On top of that, our friend John was kind enough to edit the video for us. I never felt more loved than while working on this project with people I care about so much,” adds Devmo, for whom this piece has a special meaning because of all the feelings and thanks it brings together. “It was a really amazing experience and I'm beyond grateful for all their love and effort.”

A neon-coloured explosion in which the human body and its movement become the protagonist par excellence, in a music video of just over two minutes in which freedom and self-expression make an appearance. Having toured countless cities in the last three years, the combination of her melodic choruses and fast paced rapping verses have made this young artist a true star, starring in viral phenomena on TikTok and premiering some of her songs in series like HBO Max's FBoy Island.