DET BLEV SENT, the fashion brand defined by mixing various genres of subculture to disrupt and innovate contemporary culture whose Fall/Winter 2023 collection we featured some months ago in this article, now presents its new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Sleepless Night. This new project, which establishes the brand’s core foundations and continues exploring culture concerning to the past, now and beyond, finds its roots in the vibrant and fearless spirit of Berlin’s ‘90s underground rave culture. Raw energy and fearless attitude taken from the past and adapted to the present through a contemporary vision.
Masterfully blending refined couture with ‘90s streetwear fashion, the Sleepless Night collection reflects the eclectic and rebellious style of the era. DET BLEV SENT is very connected to and engaging with the young generations, and proves why fashion is a powerful tool to link very different people who find common ground in a specific aesthetic or lifestyle. Their just-released launch seeks to undermine an environment of stifling conformity with audacious self-expression.
“Berlin, a city that famously never slept after the curfew was lifted in 1949, transformed into a nocturnal playground where night culture became a canvas for youthful experimentation, community building, and the celebration of freedom,” DET BLEV SENT’s team says when we ask them about the experiences, places and people that have inspired Sleepless Night. This upcoming S/S 2024 season, they pay homage to the essence of dancing, movement, and techno couture. “It was an era when the night was not just a backdrop for pleasure-seeking but a realm for unapologetic self-expression.”
With its latest collection, the brand strengthens its DNA by offering statement pieces, especially jackets – hand-made denim fur, calf hair denim-style, python snakeskin-embossed leather, nubuck leather denim-style – and vests. These high-quality garments are paired with oversized trousers and waxed denim flared jeans, creating a fusion of sophistication and street edge. Welcome to this exciting blend of timeless sophistication and daring self-expression. Click here to learn more about the DET BLEV SENT’s universe.
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