Taking place in the Mojave Desert in California, this unique production takes pride on being more of a “celebration of music” rather than a stereotypical music festival. Roughly a three hour drive from Los Angeles, their unique choice of venue, The Institute of Mentalphysics, takes part in creating an atmosphere of tranquility and good-vibes-above-all. Everything from the environment to the lineup and even the attendees reflect what festivals once were and should be - when it was really all about the music. One of the highlights of the weekend was Television, we were all looking forward to watching our teen idols tear the stage. The best part was that the audience was totally immersed in the moment, phones down, fully present and listening in awe to the great wonders of Marquee Moon. Desert Daze definitely takes you on a crazy journey that makes you forget about everything else. It is always nice to leave the city life for a 1-on-1 with Mother Nature - and some soul-wrenching psychedelic rock!
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