It’s been a while since we last heard of Denis Sulta. Well, not really. At the end of last year, he released World of Flies after three years without giving his listeners new music. But as you may know if you check every other festival’s line-up, he hasn’t stopped DJing and brining his artistry worldwide. This year, it looks like we’re lucky enough to listen to more of him, as he’s just released a new track, Ostia, which he actually teased in his latest Boiler Room set in July 2023. 
So, as you can see, it’s not like the DJ, producer, and vocalist has been resting on his laurels; on the contrary, he’s taken some time of introspection to perfect his craft, think of the future, and reflect on his life. His new track is just testament to that. As he explains, “Ostia for me is a real return to the Sulta sound that I really felt comfortable in but with a slightly new set of skills and a different end goal. Influenced a lot by Swedish legends DJ Seinfeld & Storken as well as killer house assassin Danny Snowden. Ostia is a small town just outside of Rome, the track title has nothing to do with it.”
Sulta’s newest single indeed marks a fresh ‘start’, a direction towards a more evolved sound while still retaining some of his music’s most characteristic elements: balearic rhythms, arpeggiated melodies, and sweeping synth harmonies. That’s precisely what his audience knows and love, and basically what they expect when they see him live in a renowned club or festival. Ostia is an uplifting track that transports listeners to place of pure bliss, where they can indulge in sun-soaked euphoria. And now that Spring is finally here, we’ll definitely enjoy it even more.