DEJA's sound is defined by strength, empowerment and self-confidence. Core values ​​the artist promotes through her music, now releasing her latest single, Beggin'. Exploring the power of the female anatomy, she illuminates the addictive nature and irresistible allure of the female flower. Having cemented her musical identity by having crafted her sound from her into her distinct brand of pop infused RnB, she now presents her new release with Corey K and Trey Qua's production. Because she is not afraid to defy the rules and she is here to stay.
“Sometimes we forget just how much power the kitty holds. Guys want it, might be lucky enough to taste it and oops! They’re addicted. My new single Beggin’ is a warning for weak ones - be careful what you wish for because you’ll be hooked and Beggin’ for more,” explains DEJA when asked about the meaning behind her new single. After getting the likes of her fans with singles like Play My Sing or Boujee, she now seduces us all with her latest track, with which the singer from Solihull, Birmingham, advances on her path by leaps and bounds.

Beginning her journey at 14, DEJA began singing, writing and performing as well as taking to stages for her school talent shows. Now, knowing what she wants and what she doesn't want in her life, the artist is ready to challenge norms. She holds the power to unlocking every girl's inner confidence and challenging every man's inner desires with her defying singles. And her new single, Beggin', is a surefire confirmation of her talent.