Aiming to uncover the 'elegance in the chaos' the Christine König Galerie presents the group exhibition Das Paradies Im Stillen Ozean, the title translates to 'paradise in the still ocean,' and it examines the stillness of time amid chaos as the artists reflect on challenging structure with change. Through a varied combination of abstract and contemporary pieces, the group show features the multimedia works of seventeen different artists as they deconstruct the unattainable paradise, on view until March 20.
With a quote from German artist and writer, Tex Rubinowitz, the exhibition text reads, “paradise is an agreement, a proposition. Paradise is a joke, or the simulation of a joke." The manifesto explains that the concept of paradise is somewhat of an organised chaos, in which one can come and go as they please. It further reads "Paradise is ravenous like the night. The next morning reveals to us that nothing disappears, nothing has disappeared, one remembers an earlier time, but not yesterday. But remembrance is no paradise, only because we make it one.”

The exhibition features a diverse blend of different mediums. From isolated installations, charcoal explorations, contemporary photography, to abstraction, Das Paradies Im Stillen Ozean brings the different artists’ individual approach to conceptualising paradise. Some of the featured artists include Adel Abdessemed, Jimmie Durham, Al Hansen, Nancy Spero and Maruša Sagadin.
Das Paradies Im Stillen Ozean is now on view until March 20 at the Christine König Galerie, Vienna (Austria).
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