Offering a combination of danceable beats, fearless vocal hooks, and an underlying sense of pain, the Oslo four-piece Das Body, led by the captivating Ellie Linden, is releasing today their latest single, Baby, you know I'm a stranger. Exploring the concept of true self-confidence, but only through the guise of a carefully constructed alter ego, this is a celebration of the new sound they've cooked up with this upcoming album, which they're incredibly proud of. We can't wait to know more about their exciting upcoming projects.
"This song was actually the last one we wrote for the new album. The idea just popped up in the studio once all the other tracks were locked and recorded," replies Ellie Linden when asked about their just-released single, Baby, you know I'm a stranger, which serves as a testament to Das Body's artistry, offering a refreshing departure from conventional pop sensibilities. “It made me realise how pumped I am to get back on stage again and throw these dark beats upon the audience,” she adds.

Having managed to translate the electrifying atmosphere of their concerts into a punchy and gritty studio recording working with producer Erlend Mokkelbost, this new single is connected to the love and close relationships that only thrive within the confines of this alternate persona. Their latest song shows stronger emotions and pop-hooks with which they continue to earn the affection of the public and specialized critics after having called them the best new band from Norway lately. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the creative universe of Das Body?