Managing the problems that arise in our day-to-day is not an easy task. Having to respond to uncomfortable situations, dealing with obstacles and complications, and being aware that nothing is as easy as it seems, is sometimes extremely complicated. This is precisely the starting point of the single now released by Darla Jade, Can't Run Forever, who is now determined to face all those problems that she used to run away from, in her own words: “I had a lot going on last year, and I realised that I tend to bottle up my feelings and essentially just run away from my issues, so this song is all about me addressing that and trying to get myself to 'just face it' as it all 'catches up eventually.”
Being the third single to be taken from her upcoming sophomore EP due for release later this year and following poignant single Glitch In The Matrix, which came out last month, this new track is a reminder to herself (and all her listeners) of the importance of not letting problems pass. And it is that the best way to find the solution to these problems is to know how to recognize them, face them decisively and look for different tools with which to solve them. Don't miss her incredible live performance on July 28 at Old Blue Last for Live Nation's showcase and August 12 at 110 Above Festival.

The artist, who was born and bred in Stoke On Trent, continues to consolidate her personal musical style while creating singles with powerful messages that captivate her audience, making some of her songs authentic hits. Her single Broken Armor already has more than two hundred thousand listeners on Spotify, quite an achievement for the young artist who is now working on an EP that will be released later this year.