Dante Mazzetti, multi-talented lyricist and instrumentalist hailing from New York, has made his mark once again with his single Here I Go, released last year. Although his musical beginnings date back to the early 2000s, Mazzetti’s 2022 release has landed him in the spotlight again, with the gritty, soulful Here I Go being featured in the 2023 movie Pain Hustlers (Netflix) starring Emily Blunt and Chris Evans.
A poignant and melodic song, Mazzetti draws on lifelong influences like indie folk music and the Americana genre that meld into the dulcet ballad that is Here I Go. The artist’s unmistakeable gravelly voice is accompanied by his guitar strings and a tambourine, creating a feeling that takes the listener with him on his journey.
Over the years, Mazzetti has been labelled as a standout artist, creating lyrical stories inspired by his many years of New York City living. A local hero to his community, Dante Mazzetti is much more than a singer-songwriter – whilst always gravitating back to his musical beginnings, he is the epitome of a humble musician, dedicating years of service to the Fire Department of New York between albums. These everyday qualities shine through his music, with a knack for storytelling in his gruff, warming voice.
Looking to the future, Mazzetti is set to collaborate with Grammy-award-winning Oscar Zambrano and Oz Fritz – both with a repertoire of sound engineering for the likes of Harry Styles, Iggy Pop, Sting, and more – on a few singles ahead of his pending album release.