Making music a restorative balm connecting with the audience through life experiences and lessons, and sharing honest emotions without fear of what people will say, Danielle Lande is now releasing her new single, Whatever You Say. The singer born and raised in Los Angeles who burst onto the LA music scene in 2018 is now healing their younger version of themselves who internalised false narratives about queer love being inherently wrong, predatory, or at the very least unattainable.
Whatever You Say intimately depicts the passionate intensity of lesbians falling in love and experiencing joyful queer sex and romance together,” says Lande when asked about their new single, which follows the release of Natalia's House, a sweet, tender song celebrating love and intimacy in close queer friendships. “Lesbians deserve more love songs and stories that show how beautiful our lives can be,” they add as they hope to inspire others to celebrate the joyful power of queer romance. They're absolutely right, we need more references that show the new generations that all ways to love are completely valid, being able to feel represented from the beginning of their lives and feeling free without denying their feelings.

Reflecting on how good it feels to live in bold acceptance of themselves and expressing sweet, soft, queer love through their songwriting, the artist has spent five years captivating audiences with their soulful voice, intimate songwriting, and unique sound drawing on pop, R&B and jazz. These are just the first steps they’re taking in 2023, a year in which they will consolidate their position in the music scene and in which, of course, they will continue to make music an emotional connection tool capable of inspiring many to be who they truly are.
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