“I’ve created some new and never-before-seen works and installations for this show and am very looking forward to sharing my practice with the Dutch people and international audience in Amsterdam”, says New York-based artist Daniel Arsham about Connecting Time, his upcoming exhibition at Moco Museum in Amsterdam, inaugurating on January 18.
Organised in collaboration with Galerie Perrotin and Galerie Ron Mandos, the artist’s first solo show in The Netherlands is expected to be great (as in good, and as in big). Including famous artworks and immersive installations such as Eroded Wall Paper Room and Amethyst Ball Cavern, the exhibition is set to transport visitors to other dimensions and realities. Actually, Arsham is a master when it comes to creating unique environments, both for his projects as a visual artist and designer, and for the projects by his architecture studio, Snarkitecture. But the real highlight will be the premiere/debut of Calcified Room, an interactive installation consisting of “a domestic space furnished in mid-century style but created to appear strangely petrified”. So if you’re around the city, be sure to not miss the exhibition!
Connecting Time, by Daniel Arsham, will inaugurate on January 18 and will be on view until September 30 at Moco Museum, Honthorststraat 20, Amsterdam.
Daniel Arsham   Hiding Figure.jpg
Hiding Figure
Daniel Arsham   Hooded Figure.jpg
Hooded Figure
Daniel Arsham   Amethyst Ball Cavern.jpg
Amethyst Ball Cavern
Daniel Arsham   Falling Clock.jpg
Falling Clock
Daniel Arsham   Amethyst Ball Cavern 4.jpg
Amethyst Ball Cavern
Daniel Arsham   Corner Knot.jpg
Corner Knot