Being one of the emerging artists from 2021 that you should not lose track of, Danica Lundy presents her new individual exhibition, Cherry Log Road, at the Super Dakota art gallery in Brussels. Ten paintings in which she explores the confrontation between reality and symbolism. From pieces inspired by her own life to reminiscences of the American working class, she invites us to witness the scene from an intimate perspective, which contrasts with the brutalism of her brushstrokes, the amalgam of powerful colours and psychological lines.
Are you tired of retrospective exhibitions which only look at the past not paying attention to the present moment? In recent months, few young artists have dared and been able to undertake what organising an exhibition entails. But coinciding with the entry into the new year, Danica Lundy promises to show that fresh and renewed art is the key to cope with 2021 in the best possible way. After having participated in Art Basel Miami Beach, the Sunday Art Fair or Miart Fair, among others, the artist continues to build worlds that leave no spectator indifferent through painting.

Behind the unsettling feeling, her work evokes are the intimate emotions of adolescence. Fears, worries, illusions and lots of questions to which she answers energetically starting from memory. Putting the focus on the details of the scenes defined by movement and activity, she recognises that she wants her paintings to be read as poems and novels, provoking a reaction. And it is that nothing is absolutely good or bad. Life is the conjunction of countless elements, as are Danica Lundy’s paintings.
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