Dadeko is an artist with a vision of beauty that is futuristic, alien and unknown. The die-hard gamer blends 3D make up filters with out-of-this-world makeup to create cyber-weirdo looks glowing with neon colour and holographic textures. Don’t let her Pikachu cosplay fool you. This girl may look cute, but her attitude is badass, and her plan for world domination in 2019 includes slaying the old school beauty industry for good. We speak to the net-based creator about her recent apparition in designer Julien David’s Fall 2019 collection, superhero powers, being true to yourself and imagining the unimaginable.
Why did you begin to experiment with 3D make up?
I love make up, cosplay and 3D. I really found 3D make up was a unique way to express myself. I was always into augmenting my identity with in-game avatar editors on games like Soulcalibur or Black Desert Online – I have a secret folder full of crazy futuristic alien characters. Then, I quickly got into cosplaying characters like D.Va from Overwatch or Art3mis from Ready Player One. Shapeshifting made me feel powerful and fierce. I felt incredibly liberated being whoever I wanted to be, and each time I experimented with my identity I got a mega boost of confidence. I didn’t want basic beauty. I wanted to feel like a superhero version of myself.
What has been your most exciting project to date?
I’m really excited to be a part of Julien David’s new extraordinary collection, titled We Come in Peace, which just showcased in Paris. I cheekily DM’d Julien on Instagram in 2018 after discovering his work in Tokyo. I was totally in love with the metallic hand-printed textures he was experimenting with. It was obvious he had to create a special piece for me. Then, one day, I woke up and Julien had sent me this incredible jumpsuit that alters colour hues based on my mood, plus these dope light-up Dynamic sneakers that look like Tesla or NASA designed them.
We both heavily vibed off the collab, so for Julien’s Womenswear Fall 19 collection, I created a series of special makeup looks and flew back to Tokyo to model for the lookbook. I guess I was kind of the muse of the collection, which is crazy – to go from being a fan to part of the world. It made me feel super confident. I hope you all like the collection too!
Dadeko Julien David Look 13.jpg
02 Dadeko Look 10.jpg
Where would you say your inspiration come from?
Games are my go-to inspiration. I geek out to the point I’ll plan a couple of days (and nights) dedicated to completing a new release before anyone else. My imagination lights up like fire and I get to have a lot of fun. The landscape and avatars in games like Fortnite are so epic and creative now. Recently, I started playing Below, this dope new game where you get to explore an underworld labyrinth filled with spooky creatures. The deeper you go, the darker it gets, which got my mind buzzing about the idea for a filter that’s in flux as the day ends and night creeps in. Games give me the ability to see the world differently. They push me to go beyond my reality and create looks that are way more magic and iconic.
Do you think filters have a negative impact on people?
It’s sad that there are still apps out there that push you to conform to a mainstream idea of what is ‘perfect’. Anything that makes you feel self-critical is damaging, especially if you’re trying to explore a new identity for yourself. That’s why I want 3D make up to be a super positive form of creative expression. It’s not about concealing your face with a mask because you feel ugly. That concept is really alien to me. It’s about being bold, fluid and free with your identity. All the things that are super empowering for your mental health. For example, you can find a 3D make up filter I created here.
How do you feel about the beauty industry?
I get really angry that the beauty industry still has the power to define what is beautiful in the public consciousness. They make you feel shitty if you don’t fit their agenda by magnifying insecurities and imperfections. It’s a nasty tactic that’s totally not progressive. Online, there are so many eclectic identities we can see. This generation doesn’t define itself by age, race, gender, nor accepts the cosmetics industry has to be cruel to animals. The beauty industry is out of date. No one has the right to make you feel bad about the way you look.
What’s your new beauty agenda for 2019?
In 2019, I want people to rebel against old-school beauty ideals. We live in a time of crisis, and the strongest thing we can do is fight for the idea of being our true selves. Forget Instagram inspiration. Take a risk. Blur the line. Don’t just do it for the likes. You’ll feel way fiercer being your own muse and choosing the reality you want to live in. Don’t ever apologise. Overload on self-confidence. One new colour hue can totally change your look. Oh, and I’m working on a big project dropping later this year. Stay tuned!
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