Wandering between alternative and electronic, the critically acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter CXLOE is today releasing her new single, Cheating On Myself, via MDDN Records. This release contains a powerful message with which the artist looks backwards to question how she has been living and feeling in her entire twenties. Was it worth it? Why didn't she prioritise her happiness and her well-being and she put others first at certain times? How has her view of life changed? These and many other questions, all of them full of meaning, now shape her new single.
“This song questions if the hell I put myself through was worth it, or if I just cheated myself out of the best years of my life,” says the artist when asked what her new single, Cheating On Myself. After presenting Till The Wheels Fall Off in December 2022, the singer now shares her reflections and inner questions in the form of a new release. This is the result of a deep introspection process that the artist has decided to carry out, being able to see the reality in which she has been living for years from another perspective.

Having amassed more than 50 million streams to date and with more than 250,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Cheating On Myself is probably the closest she has come to capturing how she has felt her entire twenties, as she comments in the manifesto that comes along with the release. “Realize I've been wasting all my time with someone else - cheating on myself.” This is an exercise that shows that the singer does not run away from the past, but she confronts it with determination, accepting and embracing it. She now welcomes a new version of herself knowing the mistakes she doesn’t want to make again.
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