Even those who don’t speak Italian can hear the emotion in CRLN’s electronic pop songs about love and sadness. Inspired by her own life and an earthquake that destroyed her childhood getaway, the singer-songwriter has just released her second album, Precipitazioni. But she does not only express her creativity in music; she’s a trained graphic designer as well – that’s why she’s also in charge of doing her own album covers. But she also trusts in other people’s talents and in collaboration, so for her latest experience at the Custom Studio by Pepe Jeans, she kindly asked artist Finnano Fenno to create a symbol that represented her personality and her latest album’s mood. The result? Watch the video and discover it.
You are a singer, songwriter and graphic designer. How did you pursue both these careers? Do they ever overlap?
I was studying Graphic Design in Rome when I started my career as a singer. Both are passions of mine, I pursued them simultaneously and ultimately both became jobs. I enjoy merging both, creating my own album and singles covers. Visuals and music are always in close proximity to me.
Your songs are in Italian. Could you tell us a little more about your music, especially your lyrics?
I like to call my music “emo-electro-pop” because it has got electronic sounds, while the lyrics talk mostly about love problems, sadness, misunderstanding and the inability to fit in the world and in society. I love writing about these feelings.
Do your songs come mostly from personal experiences?
Of course! Every story narrated in each song talks about my life. Sometimes, I like to take inspiration from other people’s episodes but I prefer to talk about myself. This self-discovery process is really therapeutic.
Your first album, Caroline, is quite soulful and light, whereas your latest one, Precipitazioni, is a little moodier. What inspired this change?
This change is the result of my emotional state during the writing of my latest album. I wrote Precipitazioni in my parent’s home in San Benedetto del Tronto. I felt very lonely and kind of depressed there, so I stayed home, mostly in my bed, every day. In that period, there was a huge earthquake very close by, in Amatrice, where I used to spend my summertime when I was a kid. I was heartbroken and the only thing I could do was write about my pain.
Precipitazioni presents influences of hip-hop, indie, pop and more. What are some of the genres and artists that you admire?
I like electronic music a lot. Shlohmo, Bonobo, Björk, Portishead, Arca, and Dream Koala are all sources of inspiration for me. I also like electro-pop, dream pop, indie folk and emo trap like The xx, Grimes, Daughter and Lil Peep.
You are the first (and only) woman that is signed with the Italian label Macro Beats, how did your collaboration with the label start?
I started this adventure when I found out that Macro Marco, my record producer, was my neighbour in Rome. Before that moment, I played and sang only in my room, uploading some cover videos on YouTube. I was a fan of the Macro Beats roster, such as Mecna or Ghemon, so I was honoured to be a part of it.
You live in Rome, what are some things you like to do in the city on your day off?
It depends on my mood. When I’m happy, I like to go out and walk in the parks – Villa Ada is my favourite spot. When I’m sad, I don’t like to go out much. I prefer to spend time at home reading, drawing and writing. Even if you stay at home, you can feel the surrounding chaos. You’ll never feel alone in Rome.
What can you tell us about your collaboration with Custom Studio by Pepe Jeans? What was your experience like?
It was cool! I chose an oversized denim jacket and I ended up working with a computer and a laser machine. I learned how to work with the machines, which was quite an exciting experience.
Had you ever customized any other garment before? If so, could you tell us a little more about it?
I took a silkscreen workshop two years ago where I made my own CRLN T-shirt. I designed the graphic, which was a stylized barn owl that can also be found on my first EP cover. I was most enticed by working with the inks, but it was an overall exciting experience.
In which way have you expressed your personality and work, in regards to this customization collaboration with Pepe Jeans?
For this customization, my friend and photographer Ciro Galluccio and me contacted the artist Finnano Fenno. We were already aquatinted as he had created some graphics for me in the past. The symbolic image is a weeping eye with a little smile inside of the pupil. It was perfect with the mood of Precipitazioni. I feel like it really expresses my emotions and is the perfect custom jacket for me. I’m looking forward to wearing it during a live show!
Why do you think customization is important?
It’s a way to let the others know who you are. It’s the same principle as with tattoos.
What do you can explain us about your projects for a near future?
I’ll start my summer tour in Italy by the end of May, but I’m starting to think about my next songs. I’m on fire!