We take a pause and look back at the moments after impact and the remnants left behind. Reflecting on society’s innate reliance on technology during the pandemic era and the disruption of daily life through a digital crash, Giant, a brand-new artist-run space in Bournemouth (United Kingdom), launches with its inaugural exhibition, Crash. Featuring multimedia works from different artists and their approach to capturing the pieces of the global pandemic, the exhibition highlights the 'crash' that both society and culture have experienced, and it's on view until April 30.
Established by visual artist and curator Stuart Semple, Giant is Bournemouth's first contemporary art gallery which focuses on connecting local audiences with works by international contemporary artists. As the exhibition text reads: “The exhibition is an opportunity to look back at the moment after impact – the crash experienced as a result of the pandemic. This carefully curated exhibition opens up to a range of explorations, presenting different perspectives and different aspects of how the pandemic has affected our daily lives.”

In response to the restrictions of the ongoing pandemic, part of the exhibition is viewable from the streets, with some artworks installed outside the gallery space, including visual artist Sarah Maple’s sculpture The World as We Know It, a reminder of the initial impact of the pandemic and the impending demise of everyday life, and Mark Titchner’s Please Believe These Days Will Pass which focuses on the use of words and language, mirroring messages of optimism during lockdown.

The exhibition also features post-conceptual artist Cory Arcangel’s video installation piece Totally F***ed as well as a series of different works by conceptual designer, architect and artist Ron Arad, including his video, Crushed Fiat 500. In addition to performance artist Mark McGowan’s politically cited paintings on daily newspapers and the public criticism of government during the pandemic, you will also see Paola Ciarska’s detailed paintings Life and the Pursuit of Pleasure, exploring how isolated interior spaces became our way of functioning.
The exhibition Crash is on view until April 30 at GIANT, 1-2, The Avenue Centre, Commercial Road, Bournemouth (United Kingdom).
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