After releasing the music video for Gecko in April as a first tease to her new work, Coucou Chloe has finally released Naughty Dog, her newest EP. She’s been two years focusing on touring and producing, and now, the London-based artist finally shares her newest work, published through Nuxxe, the record label she manages together with Shygirl, Sega Bodega, and Oklou.
The five-track EP shows an evolution of Chloe’s sound. However, she still holds on to her signature breathy, modulated-beyond-recognition vocals. On April, we first listened to Gecko; a few days before the Naughty Dog’s release, it was Silver B that went public. Now, three other songs are added: Laid-Back, which opens the EP hauntingly; Juicy, in collaboration with Shygirl, and Waiting, feat. Lederrick – a usual collaborator of Lil Peep, among others. But just like her former EP, Erika Jane, Coucou Chloe is in charge of both producing and singing the entirety of the new release. Just have a listen and enjoy!