Like every year, H&M comes out with a short film to present their new Christmas collection. This time they collaborated with the great American film director Wes Anderson, who amazes us with Come Together
The main character is played by Adrien Brody and the video tells a story about an unfortunate travel for some solitary passengers that find themselves trapped in the train during Christmas Day, due to a sudden snow storm.

Anderson’s influence is palpable: he brings us into a symmetrical world, with pastel colours and retro interiors, to present the H&M collection. The brand’s latest Christmas collection is made out of a comfy and relaxed elegance, combining an informal look with oversized, silk and metallic pieces. The video gives an extra touch to this specific occasion by highlighting the true relevance of the moment: enjoying a special get together during the holidays. “This story may resonate more than ever at a time in the world where we could all do with giving a stranger a hug”, is what Adrien Brody said.