Ever wondered what happens when craftsmanship, sustainability, and a dollop of extra-terrestrial chic commingle? Enter Colombe d’Humières! Established in the midst of the cosmic turbulence that was 2020, the metal-focused Parisian jewellery brand has since then etched its mark, resculpting the industry with its ingenuity and propelling it far beyond conventional expectations. For their newest release, photographer Mark Luckasavage and stylist Samia Giobellina have laced the campaign with an enigmatic touch to the narrative – cue the dove –where nipple piercings and milk find common ground, acknowledging the unspoken bond between dairy and heavy metal jewellery.
In its quest to innovate artisanal techniques, Colombe d’Humières is devoted to refining jewellery making, metal smithing and sculptures. This dedication finds expression in the creation of two distinct lines, the first consisting of unique pieces that evoke the essence of couture, while the second line is a showcase of classic designs, produced in limited quantities and ensuring exclusivity. A common thread between them is their silver dominated craftsmanship, with select pieces decked out in melted glass and laboratory stones, the bright metal enlivened with a candy-like palette of colours. This celestial jeweller has intrigued the discerning taste of iconic names like FKA Twigs and Arca, and has cultivated a pool of collaborations, ranging from belt buckles for Chopova Lowena to fashioning a collection for Yeezy’s season 8 show in Paris.
Rest assured that the thoughtfully selected stones carry a deeper commitment beyond aesthetics, as Colombe d’Humières actively engages in the sustainability conversation surrounding precious metals. The brand staunchly opposes greenwashing and is dedicated to working exclusively with existing metals, steering clear of contributing to further extractions.
As they say, “We have made a conscious decision not to use natural stones due to the difficulties in sourcing them ethically. Until we can be confident in the ethical sourcing of natural stones, we prefer not to support the current system. All chains, locks, and technical components are designed and created in-house. We do not purchase any mechanisms or engage in assembly work.”
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