The whole world is burning, but there is something happening in the soft light of midnight. Because dancing is like connecting the body back to the Universe, this season, Kenzo has decided to pay tribute to nightlife as a powerful source of alternative understandings. Welcome to the music tale Club Ark Eternal, signed Partel Oliva for Kenzo.  
To introduce the new Kenzo Resort and Men’s collections, designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon commissioned the duo Partel Oliva. The pitch: there are some places where nothing is settled, where everything can be reinvented. These places are the clubs, playgrounds to pursue freedom. People, freed from coercion, act in their own name. Once you've passed the doors, you forget about things like racism; class and sexual oppression are as foolish as war is. The short film Club Ark Eternal is all about the rhythm, just as clothing is about pure appropriation to free the movement.

“We decided to capture the moment when people end up dancing alone, lost in themselves. Maybe they arrived a little early, maybe it’s 6am and the place is emptying. Maybe they withdrew from a packed dancefloor but kept on dancing to muffled music, on a balcony, in a hallway, in a kitchen.” For this short film, Partel Oliva have been trying to catch the emotions, the vibes of a club as an ideal of progressive communities – the kind of place where you never feel alone. In the dark, protected from the blinding lights, the different characters tend to explore these crucibles of self-invention; divinely transcended.