The first step to solve a problem is to become aware of it, find out what we are facing and know ourselves so we can deal with it. Some people see things more clearly by writing them on paper, as if it were a journal, or sharing impressions with their inner circle. Claire Reneé finds her answers in music instead. Her song Red Lights, included on her just-released album Wings and whose music video is releasing today, is a reminder to herself that despite the frenetic pace and many duties we have on a daily basis, we must not forget ourselves. And we couldn't agree more.
It's not easy to categorise Reneé's musical style under a specific label. From R&B to soul and jazz, not forgetting the obvious influences of hip hop, the singer-songwriter has managed to turn her interesting miscellany of references into a unique sound that creates scenarios loaded with feeling, somewhat nostalgic. Perhaps it is because, by making music a personal exercise in which emotion and expression play an extremely important role, the atmosphere it evokes is much more than just a catchy beat or melody.

The music video for Red Lights, a single that she wrote when she felt frustrated as if she was on a hamster wheel and couldn’t get off, presents a very interesting duality. On the one hand, the dominant red in the aesthetics of the piece, alluding to fire, speed and anger. On the other, the bookstore where the 3-minute audiovisual work takes place, a symbol of the connection with oneself and the refuge of letting ourselves be carried away by stories that take us to unknown scenarios and situations. Two worlds that meet in the visuals directed by Dean Singleton, as do the music and dance in the singer’s life. “The human experience encompasses lots of different emotions,” she says.
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