It’s been ten years since Chris Habana founded his eponymous jewellery brand, Chrishabana. However, instead of relishing his moment of glory, the NewYork-based creative has kept pushing the boundaries towards a freer, edgier future. “As part of our brand evolution, we take an active role in releasing content that always challenges world conservatism and censorship, and these days, it is very important for all of us to join the fight”, he says. After celebrating the label’s anniversary with a massive show, he’s back and kicking ass this Fall/Winter 2019.
As part of this season’s presentation, photographer Finlay McKay has shot an editorial in a Brooklyn car scrap with two models looking for a brighter future, something that almost all of us can relate to. “I didn’t actively think about our current political climate when ‘concepting’ the shoot with our photographer, but in my work, there is always a sense of finding solace and hope amidst chaos and destruction”, says the NYC-based jeweller. “In addition, there is no way that any artist or creative (including our brand) can express their art without commenting on our current climate”, he concludes.

Inspired by Cronenberg’s film Crash, where a couple are sexually aroused by car accidents, the shooting merges elements of sci-fi, goth and even trash culture. Same goes for the models, who look like a mixture of punk, club kid, and goth as well. “The couple is definitely a visual manifestation of all the inspirations I normally incorporate into my work and that make up the Chrishabana aesthetic”, says the jeweller, who also adds that “in the end, the shoot documents a pair of rebels in dystopic carnage finding comfort within each other.”

Highly accessorized with Chrishabana’s pieces – from knuckle rings to giant necklaces, to septum piercings and earrings and even body jewellery –, models Dien and Jacopo also wear clothing by other edgy NYC brands like Kaimin and Willy Chavarria, in addition to others with whom Habana has collaborated – like the sunglasses in collaboration with Gentle Monster or the latex garments by Vex Clothing. “For me, collaboration is important because it pushes both parties to rethink their own way of working”, says Habana. “It’s a challenge that, when done right, brings forth fresh ideas and keeps the creative conversation going.”
Reflecting on what place is he at right now, the NYC-based creative states that he’s “proud of every vision that we’re able to execute, but I would say I’m happiest that we’ve been able to continue going for this long with so much support despite the fact that the work is more targeted towards a niche market. I don’t really look too much at benchmarks in my career. I’m just proud that we have stood the test of time and that our own aesthetic has helped foster new talent in who are putting out ideas that are in line with ours.”

And regarding the future? Expect much, much more from him as the anniversary hasn’t been a place of indulgence but a motivation to keep going. “In the future, you will definitely see us making bigger strides and steps not only in jewellery-making but in creative direction and event design. Our eyewear is going to explode next year and I’m very much excited to debut a fine jewellery line in 2020. Apart from that, you’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of our studio's hands!”, he concludes.
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