Unafraid to lay her emotions bare, Chinwe is releasing today her new single, Come We Fly. The East London artist presents her new song following the release of her transformative single Paranoia proving to be capable of creating music with feeling and meaning that is impossible not to connect with. Grappling with the demise of a romantic relationship, the creative strikes a perfect balance between softness and darkness on this new release, which is the latest addition from her upcoming EP project.
Come We Fly is about ignoring warning signs and holding onto a relationship despite knowing it's not good for you,” Chinwe replies when asked about the starting point of her new song through which she learns to let go and prioritise her own needs and desires: “You keep clinging onto the idea that if you could just go somewhere else, somewhere new or literally fly away, everything could be fixed – but it never really works out like that.” Many of us can identify with the subject that she addresses in the just-released single, in which she shows that reason and feelings do not always go hand in hand and can lead to states of confusion that make it difficult to make the right decisions.
The daughter of a Nigerian father and a Jamaican mother, Chinwe started writing songs as a teenager and since she was a child she’s been closely connected to music. Making this discipline a tool with which to express her feelings by freeing herself emotionally, the artist continues her path with releases that start from the most absolute honesty faithful to her creative DNA. It seems that this is just the beginning of a promising musical career.
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