Much of Cherry Lena's success lies in her ability to connect with the emotions and experiences that many people feel on a daily basis. Her music, which is capable of perfectly capturing experiences that a large part of her listeners have gone through, hides a powerful message while demonstrating not to run away from feelings, but to face them with firmness and security. And that's precisely what she does on her new single, Sad Boy, which narrates being purely infatuated with a certain person, but eventually realising that you probably spent too much time fantasising about them, rather than getting to know them in the real world.
“It's about a sad boy I met last fall. He fascinated me. I think in great part because I simply didn’t understand him. At the time, I didn’t realize how greatly I had romanticized the idea of him. I still remember the times when we would text each other for hours like high school kids and how it made me feel,” says the alternative Pop and RnB singer-songwriter from Montreal when asked about the experience that inspires this new release. “Although, nothing about the idea I created of him in my head ended up being as great as who he was in reality. I often find things to be better in my imagination,” she adds, before sharing an important reflection claiming that pain should not be seen as a weakness but as something that makes people grow into the elevated version of themselves.

In this reflective song we see how Lena migrates towards a more alternative pop sound, as she discovers new aspects of her own style. That's what happens when an artist gets carried away by what she feels at all times, not paying too much attention to trends or labels. The artist is free and she proves it with each release by revealing an entire new side that we have never seen before.
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